Powerful Solutions.

To help keep your Fire & Life Safety systems in check

Our focus is on protecting our clients' most valuable assets from the devastation of a fire.

Your risks are our concern.

Acquiring a new asset — or have an already existing one — and want to know what your financial and insurance risks are? No problem! We have the expertise you need to develop and maintain a comprehensive, code-compliant fire protection program.

  • We'll help complete a due diligence of all your Fire & Life Safety systems.
  • Develop an analysis on budget for inspections.
  • Identify potential unplanned expenses.

Over 50% of all fire protection systems are left unmaintained every year.

Our compliance program helps ensure you are kept up to date on state and local mandated inspections.

  • Know when your next inspection is due with reminders sent straight to you!

  • We help prioritize inspection deficiencies + provide recommendations.

  • Keep track of outstanding deficiencies.

We've got your back, bro.

Have a pressing issue that requires a little extra tender loving care? With our partnership we can provide you with that next level of oversight. Now you've got a partner that can help save you from costly mistakes.

  • Vendor Review.
  • Scope, Plan, and Estimate Review.

Fire alarm monitoring starting at $45/mo

Reiter Fire helps keep a watchful eye over your asset’s Fire & Life Safety systems. All signals are received by a fully staffed, UL listed central station, available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

  • 24-Hour Around-The-Clock Monitoring

  • Call list customized the way that works best for you.

  • Flexibility to receive notification of low priority signals either via phone, e-mail, or text message.

  • You have control to place your systems on and off test through the mobile app.

  • Bi-weekly reporting for account history review.

Tangible assets (though important) are one thing, but the most valuable part of your business: The life inside.

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